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Welcome to Kim's site

Hi, I'm Kim

Hi my name is Kim I like cats,dogs,music,shopping,boys,hanging out with my friends,and helping people out. I go to Hazen Union High school in Vermont.I like to take pictures of things and my baby cousin Katlyn M. . And my other cousin Hallie L. . I have four sisters Tera,Kasey,Katy,Kala. and I have three brothers Shane,Thomas,Chris. I love to listen to Limpt Bizkit, korn, 2 pac, busta rymes, 311, Jay z, etc.I hate people are stuck on there selfs and fake people. I really love to flirt with older boys. I like to watch wrestling. WCW my favorite wrestliers are the Natural Born Thrillers. They are all so hot and cute. Well I hope you enjoy my website e mail me to tell me what you think. Teaide4u@aol.com

My School

I go to Hazen Union High School In Hardwick Vermont. I am a freshman. This school is really dumb. I am telling you now don't come here because you will be sorry let me tell you now. I hate it here to many rules the teachers are mean, you can't do anything. The students here are rude and mean they have no respect for you or no one else. You are like in a prison you do only certain things if it's ok with them. You can hardly ever go to the bathroom.Well that's my school.

The Boys here

There are some cute boys here but most of them are mean or stuck on there selfs. They are some nice boys and they all talk to you. They are smart and very athletic some of them. But they all hate Peoples A. And most of them care about all of us girls.

Say Hello

You can e mail me any time or im me any time of you. At Teaide4u@aol.com. and my instant message is teaide4u.
To e mail me

If you have a chance check out my photo page.

Please check out my photo pages. They have pictures of me and my family and some of my freinds.Thank you enjoy my website. Please e mail me if you have any comments.

Boys don't rule. Girls do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!